The (uncomfortable) truth of HR and leadership development

“The truth will set you free but first it will piss you off.”

We live in a world where everything needs to go faster and faster. You need to be the best in this society with a great social media career, social life, well-paying job and a killer body.

Maybe this sounds like a story you heard several times and that's right but do you actually look around and try to actually see what's happening? Do you take a moment and criticize yourself on what’s happening to you and to your loved ones?

If I look at the new generation I see great things happening but I also have a lot of concerns. What if you are not the perfect picture? What if you were running so hard but your body and mind can’t keep up? What happens then?

Around me I see more and more people with a burn out, chronical hyperventilation, depressed, loneliness and the list goes on and on. People lost themselves on the way and don't know what to do now because Instagram won’t teach you or help you with that. The world changing from face to face conversations to people interacting with robots and social media. These are great inventions but will they give you love when you feel lonely, will it be a shoulder to cry on? Studies show that people feel lonelier in these situations and get more depressed and even in some occasions commit suicide!

So what can we do as HR to help and coach?

A lot of departments are changing and developing but HR is 80% of the time running behind. Not understanding the new generation and criticizing them instead of giving them help and support to develop. So where do you start?

First step is to try to understand, listen, recognition, love and NO JUDGEMENT. A great way to begin this is with a goof onboarding and giving them a buddy that can help them with the binding to the company and to the employees. It can give young employees anxiety, confusion and excitement so it’s good to help them transition from college/university to a work environment and with a buddy they have a great example and someone that can support.

Second step is to give them attention and constant feedback. They need and like a constant feedback so they know how they doing and how they can improve. They will also need affirmation as they progress. Managers should meet with young employees often for these purposes.

Third step is to define their career path. They want to know the career options within you organization because they are focused on advancement. Use their strengths for this as well. A young employee will get motivated when you acknowledge his or her strengths and try to combine these with career- paths and opportunities.

Last but not least, monitor their work load. Young employees don’t know their limits yet and will take all tasks and projects that you will give them. Keep in mind that they are not always skilled in managing their work load and know how to prioritize their tasks. A good way is to have one to ones and prioritize this with them together so they can learn from you and are involved.

So stop with your routines but look around you and acknowledge what’s happening and start doing something to move yourself and HR into the right direction. 

About the author

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Maxime has a strong background in HR and thinks it’s important to develop and coach on a continuous base. he world is changing and we need to change with it being it evaluating ourselves and giving feedback to each other.  Views are her own.

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