How to Give Your Digital HR Strategy a Human Feel

The world we live in today is so much different from the world it had been a decade or two ago.  The fast advancements happening in technology today shapes the undergoing massive shift of every industry.  The way we work, communicate, interact, and function has drastically changed in a matter of short years.  Not more than thirty years ago, we lived without cellphones and social media. These days, it will be as though we can no longer properly function without them.  We now have so much more than what we had in the yester-years, and yet researched and development have not stopped.

Ever since modern computers were introduced, businesses have heavily depended on them. So much more now with the functions of the internet and all its other essential features. Over time, the changes that the digital world has undergone has also changed the way we conduct and organize businesses.  All these transformations are aimed at making things more organized, better managed, more convenient and efficient, and time- and money-saving. Not only workplaces in Dubai, which ranks among the richest and most developed cities in the world, have been overhauled, but even its basic departments and functions to deliver better company environment and enhance workforce.

Digital Human Resources

HR Departments are tasked to manage people in a company.  Besides the acquisition of talent and management, performance, administration, and employee compensation and payroll, workforce management and analytics are among the functions of an HR Department.

With the responsibilities of an HR Department, it is imperative for companies to adopt digital transformation in this department to bring it “closer to the workforce”. Digitization of the HR Department is not merely about transformation or the use of more modern IT solutions into its system, but to make the foundation of an organization future-ready.

By the sound of the definition and importance of HR digitization, it may seem a lot less human and more on computerized solutions.  However, the goal of these HR solutions is not to replace humans. These are intended to drive engagement among the workforce, make a difference in the work experience of employees, develop their skills and capabilities, and better connect with others.

Be it in a workplace or our own lives, we always want to mean something in everything we do. We want to matter. And this remains true in the jobs of employees.  They are happier, more productive when they know that the work they do are meaningful and impact the company in positive ways.  This motivates them to do their work better. Here are ways you can work on to give your digital HR a more human feel.

Provide appropriate tools

Although technology has been integrated in almost every aspect of our lives these days, there are still those who do not easily adapt changes.  You cannot expect employees to function efficiently in their jobs without providing for them the right information, tools, and other technologies to help them understand and adapt to these changes faster and effectively.  

Allow them to build their life goals and career paths while working

Nobody likes getting stuck, especially in their careers.  You can motivate your employees by providing for them programs, responsibilities, and opportunities that pave way for them to grow professionally, and for them to take notice of these changes in their careers. It will not help they feel that the company they are working for does not support them professionally.

Let go of time-consuming manual processes

HR processes are often time-consuming and monotonous. They are essential to a business, but no one would want to do them if given a chance.  Ditch the manual processes.  These days, traditional processes, tools, and processes that may have made differences for a company in the past may not be as effective as promised today. Be prepared to provide solutions for your employees to have the tasks done easier, more efficiently, and much faster.  This way, employee productivity is encouraged and not hampered.

In conclusion, digital solutions and transformations are not only solution to achieve growth and development of any business. Productivity among the workforce should still be given importance and be supported.  These may provide convenience and efficacy in their functions, but human workforce still holds true value to the development and success of a business.

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