Thomas Dorynek

Thomas Dorynek – Manager People advisory services, EY, Brussels

Thomas is a seasoned consultant with extensive experience in HR Digital Transformation projects. He is a high energy professional with an infectious enthusiasm for Technology. In his free time, Thomas enjoys discovering new parts of the world and brewing his own beer. Views are his own

Mats Nemelka

Mats Nemelka - Advisory HR Solution Consultant EMEA, Servicenow, Basel

Mats advises companies in the HR space on how to handle HR transformations best with the help of a cloud software solution.  As a cloud and digital native he strongly believes that the cloud is going to positively disrupt employee's everyday life. Besides that Mats has lived in Singapore, Ireland and Spain. He loves to travel the world and to play football in his spare time. Views are his own

Joe Honess

Joe Honess - Analytics Solution Consultant, Visier, London

Joe is a keen BI, HR and technology enthusiast, gaining professional experience from global technology vendors and consulting firms. He is a digital native with an eye for spotting new trends and cool new technologies. In his spare time Joe loves to play golf, as well as travel and try lots of new food! Views are his own



Our Mission

Our mission is to share observations about HR market trends, spot the disruptors of tomorrow and envision the technologies driving the future of HR.

Why this blog? 

HR Jump is a blog about the trends, technologies and disruptors that are transforming Human Resources. Everyday we witness the shifting definition of HR and influence the practices that are driving its evolution. As this deep transformation takes place, we aim to bring a fresh perspective while anticipating the future of HR.

The history

We are three friends that started our careers in the HR space a few years ago. Along the way we’ve observed various HR trends and we can say that disruption has become more than a reality for us. Not only is the way we are working changing at an amazing pace, but new trends are being implemented faster than ever and many new players are appearing on the market.

We each work in different companies and bring together vast experiences, skills and ideas. We decided to create this blog in order to share our observations and analysis of how HR is evolving, while bringing forward our generation's vision for the HR field.

Our philosophy is based on openness. That's why we invite other opinion formers to write on the blog. Please contact us if you are interested in sharing your views with the HR world.

We are based in three different locations - London, Brussels and Basel, covering stories across Europe.

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